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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

the purpose

The purpose of everyday home is to feature homes of everyday people. Recently I was standing in line flipping through decorating magazines and was struck by the idea that there needs to be a place to feature homes of people who are not millionaires. Often, and by often I mean all the time we look through magazines, websites, and even Pinterest to find ideas and inspiration but we are met with the MOST interesting homes, architectural details, and the most expensive furniture. Now, I do not know about you my friends, but I do not live in the most interesting home nor have thousands of dollars to spend on furniture. I want to be inspired by my friends and friends of friends homes. I want to be inspired by things that are actually attainable.

I need your help though, I want to feature homes, rooms, ideas that come from you. Does not matter if you own your own home or rent, it can be one space or your whole house. If you or know of someones house that would be a good feature for everyday home please contact me.

Be inspired

The ev-ery-day home.

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  1. This blog often features attainable nesting ideas:


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