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Monday, July 14, 2014

Katelynn's home feature: Part II

Part Deux 

Q: Being a college student how do you think other college students living at home, on there own or in dorms can incorporate there style in small places?
A: Decorating a small place is certainly a challenge; one that most college students and graduates face for several years! My favorite way to incorporate big style into a small space is through a gallery wall. A gallery wall can combine sentiment and decor; and can breathe so much life into a place. I had no clue what to do with my dining room for quite a long time, and having the gallery wall has been the perfect solution! I also think that having small accents can make a huge difference. 
Candles have been one of my favorite accent solutions since they are cheap and functional, but come in the prettiest holders. Plus, once the wax is melted down, you have a brand new vase for flowers, or pencil holder for your desk. Try and color coordinate your decorations as well; color makes for the best theme and can pull a room together in an instant!

Q: Any tips for people to decorate there home on a budget? 
A: My entire place was decorated on a budget, and thankfully none of my pieces have even come close to breaking the bank. I have been able to get everything from friends and family or thrift stores! If you are trying to decorate an entire home on a budget I would suggest asking friends if they have any furniture that they don't want. I've found that people have things they don't want anymore but don't want to give them away for no reason. If they can give their furniture to you then they are getting rid of what they don't want and giving you something you do want...a win win for everyone! I would also suggest getting creative with your solutions.

For example, in my kitchen I knew I wanted to do wall paper, but knew I couldn't afford it and it would be too much of a task since the place was only a rental. I found a great contact paper from the dollar store, and had a brand new kitchen for only 5 dollars! Scour your local craigslist listings and antique stores; and imagine how something would look with a fresh coat of paint or a little bit of love. I would also advise someone decorating on a budget to be patient with the process and collect things over a period of time; it makes it easier on the budget and gives you more time to think through what you really want.

Thanks Katelynn for showing off your beautiful apartment! 

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