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Monday, February 16, 2015

Story-time baby shower

Back in december I had the wonderful privilege of co-hosting one of my oldest and dearest friends baby shower. Danielle and I have known each other since middle school, graduated high school together, were each others maids of honor, and have made so many great memories over the past 12+ years of friendship. 

Me, Danielle and Gigi 

Co-hosting a shower can be challenge, especially when you live thousands of miles from each other + 6 hour time change. But Mrs. Aguirre (Danielle's mom) and I emailed back and forth, shard Pinterest boards, and called & texted till we had a solid plan! Yah for team work! 

Love letters and swag on a fireplace mantel

I really love a theme, but I feel that theme's should enhance an event not take over it. Use a theme to guide colors, ideas and decor. When deciding on a theme for Danielle's shower I went to the source...Pinterest! How did we ever live without Pinterest? For a little boy's baby shower, I loved the idea of the story-time shower. 

Peter Rabbits garden of veggies 

yummy brunch food 

We correlated classic children's book with brunch time treats. Not every food had a book (enhance not take over, remember), but it was just enough that guests enjoyed the ideas and reminisced about there favorite childhood stories. One of my favorites pairings was "Charlotte's Web" with Ina Garten's bacon recipe

(thanks Jen for making the delicious bacon) 

I am personally believer that fresh florals make every event look top-notch. Plus most flowers are not super expensive and can be added to any fun container you have laying around the house. 

Love the combination of whites and greens together!

"If you give a dog a donut" 
(Now I want a donut)

For party favors I went with one of my favorite Pinterest ideas! Guests left with a beautiful bag of chocolate chip cookies and signed the guest book, "If you give a mouse a cookie!" The gift tags were purchased from etsy here and the perfect sized mini paper bags here

Since it was a brunch shower we offered coffee, tea and of course my favorite mimosas! Just because the mom-to-be can't drink doesn't mean the guests should have to suffer ;) 
We added more books and flowers to tie in the food table decor!

AND that my friends is how you throw a lovely story-time shower on an every-day budget!

Cannot WAIT to meet baby Noah!! 

**Special thanks to Kelsey for the photos and thank you Jen, Jenna and Rebecca for helping a ton the day of, could not have finished all the details without ya'lls help!**

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